Here is the place that I will host my various IT reports and analysis that I conduct. Not much is here yet but it will soon grow. Click the link below to reach a particular review.

  • Managing Security – My first IT Information Security paper. This one focuses on the importance of securing IT data and infrastructures.
  • Challenges in Security – An International Airport – My second IT Security paper. This one focuses on the many challenges to creating a secure infrastructure at an international airport.
  • Stormy Skies – Security in Cloud Computing – My second assignment in CSEC620, Human Aspects of Cybersecurity focuses on the various issues faced by companies considering cloud computing initiatives.
  • Defending the Defenders – Security in Government Contractors – My third assignment in CSEC620, Human Aspects of Cybersecurity where I analyze the astounding number of security challenges faced by defense contracting companies who deal with various classifications of government data.
  • Analyzing Security at the FBI – My first group assignment for CSEC620, Human Aspects in Cybersecurity where the team decided to analyze security and risks related to the FBI.
  • Firion Security Policy – My final for CSEC620, Human Aspects of Cybersecurity from UMUC. This was a group assignment and the professor lauded our achievements saying that he wishes he could hire us to lead a security team in real life. Not too shabby for a final!
  • Detecting Computer Crime with Modern Tools – A paper I completed for CSEC650, Cyber Crime and Digital Forensics. I focus attention on some of the more modern tools that can be employed in the field of digital forensics.
  • Business Continuity with a Forensic Focus – My second paper for the CSEC650, Cyber Crime and Digital Forensics class. This paper details how a company can create a business continuity plan that is already designed with Forensic capabilities in mind.
  • Technology of the Security Future – This assignment was one of my individual assignments from CSEC670 (Capstone) where I take a look at some of the new stuff that the cybersecuriy world is coming up with.
  • Operating Mistral Bank – The final paper I completed for my CSEC670, Capstone class and the final paper I completed in my MS Cybersecurity degree program. This paper was more of a reflection of the final class but offers some interesting insight about operating  a financial company.

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